Few scenarios in Cuba exhibits such natural beauy as Pinar del Río, the land f the best tobacco in the world. Pinar del Río is a destination of outstanding interest for those who find direct contact with nature a good reason to travel.

Visited destinations

Soroa, Las Terrazas, Viñales, Cayo Levisa, Pinar del Río City


6 days


Guides speak following languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • English

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Day 1: Soroa and Las Terrazas

The tour starts in Havana where we will pick you up for a short ride (approximately 1 hour) to Soroa, a national park with a magnificent orchid garden, diverse nature and the most amazinf flora. You will be exploring this beautiful natural area and if you wish, you can swim in Soroa’s waterfall.

After having lunch in one local restaurant, famous for its very Cuban food, we will be arriving to Las Terrazas. Cuba’s first eco-tourism project, Las Terrazas is a natural wonderland with lakes, rivers, and sloping hills. It’s also an artist enclave where you can visit working studios and chat with artists-in-residence. We will stay here for two nights being able to enjoy the fabulous Hotel Moka, a building designed to blend in with its natural surroundings, as well as the rest of buildings in the village.

Las Terrazas has one of Cuba’s best vegetarian restaurants in Cuba: Ecorestaurante El Romero. It is also possible to have dinner in Fonda de Mercedes, a small restaurant run by locals serving typical Cuban food. Balcón de las Tecas is the hotel’s restaurant, where you can also have dinner. We will let you decide which of those restaurants suits you best for your dinner.

Included on day 1:

  • Transfer to Soroa.
  • Hotel Moka in Las Terrazas.
  • Lunch in Soroa.
  • Welcome cocktail in Las Terrazas.

Day 2: Las Terrazas, an ecotourism center

This day will start with a canopy tour. Las Terrazas offers an 800-meter long "Zipline" tour. Starting the day with the canopy tour will put your adrenaline to the top.

After this, you will be taken for a tour through Las Terrazas. This ecotourism center only 73km west of Havana (in Artemisa* province) is part of a 5,000 hectare area where an ongoing tourism project aims to provide sustainable economic development based on the rational use of natural resources. It dates backs to 1968 when the Cuban government launched a massive reforestation project on the terraced hills ringing the area.

The project, which included the creation of a village where approximately 1200 people maintain a largely self-contained community, became an internationally-recognized success. The buildings in the village were designed to blend in with their natural surroundings - the fabulous Hotel Moka is a prime example. In 1985 Las Terrazas, and the surrounding Sierra del Rosario national park, were named a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Natural swimming pools, cycling paths, nature walks around ruins of 19th Century coffee plantations, and guided mountain hikes are some of the area’s most popular attractions. There’s a wide variety of flora and fauna here, including the Tocororo, (Cuba’s national bird), the zunzún (or hummingbird) and dozens of orchid species.

Our tour will take you through some of those popular attractions together with a very nice lunch at Casa del Campesino.

Included in day 2:

  • Guided tour of Las Terrazas.
  • Canoppy tour.
  • Hotel Moka.
  • Lunch in Casa del Campesino.
  • Entrance to museums and other attractions.

Day 3: Viñales

Tour continues to one of Cuba’s most spectacular scenarios: Viñales Valley. No wonder this is another one of Cuba’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Viñales is a much sought after tourist destination, especially during the winter months when tobacco plantations appear in all their splendor giving a unique stamp to the world famous valley. Near the valley you will find very interesting places such as the Indian Cave, Los Jazmines Viewpoint, and the Prehistorical Wall, among others.

Included on day 3:

  • Guided tour of Viñales Valley.
  • Los Jazminez hotel.
  • Entrance to mentioned attractions.

Day 4: Pinar del Río City and departuring to Cayo Levisa

We will departure to the city of Pinar del Río. Here we will visit a cigar factory and the Guayabita del Pinar Distillery, where the typical drink of the province is made. The tours continues with a city tour and typical Cuban lunch in the Rumayor Restaurant.

We will departure to Cayo Levisa in the afternoon. The ferry to Cayo Levisa departs from Palma Rubia twice daily at 10.00am and 06.00pm. We will take the 6:00 pm boat.

Included on day 4:

  • City tour of Pinar del Río City
  • Transportation
  • Lunch at Rumayor restaurant
  • Ferry to Cayo Levisa
  • Hotel Cayo Levisa

Day 5 and 6: Cayo Levisa

We have reserved two days at Cayo Levisa, a small, paradisiacal island off the northern coast of Pinar del Río province. Cayo Levisa is a prime scuba destination. Its pristine white sands also attract beach lovers.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a place to unwind, this is it.  The coral reef here is spectacular, harboring 500 fish species, 200 types of sponges and other marine life. Diving (there are 21 offshore sites here) and snorkeling are possible from the hotel. For a comfortable, remote getaway in a spectacular beach setting, it doesn’t get better than this.

Included on day 5 and 6:

  • Cayo Levisa hotel

Places of Interest

  • Viñales Valley
  • Los Jazmines Viewpoint
  • Cave of the Indian
  • Prehistoric Wall
  • Cayo Levisa Key
  • Milanes Theater
  • Cigar Factory
  • Guayabita del Pinar Factory
  • Tobacco Plantations
  • Soroa
  • Las Terrazas


With you will be able to remove or add any particular place to this suggested itinerary. Please contact us and let us know how you want to personalize this trip.


If you have more than 6 nights for travelling to Cuba, maybe is a good idea to combine this tour with other, or to add a couple of days in other nearby destinations. Doing this you will have a bigger picture about Cuba. Some reccommendations are:

  • Tour “Havana’s Must Sees” (4 nights): An inmersion in Cuba’s capital with an overview of its main attractions and iconic places.
  • María la Gorda International Diving Center or Cabo San Antonio (both in Pinar del Río province): Both places are perfect for diving and/or beac experiences.