Matanzas, known as the Athens of Cuba, posseses great world-wide tourist values. Among them, Varadero beach, the natural sanctuary of the Zapata Peninsula, the Caves of Bellamar, the Yumurí Valley, and the city of Matanzas. This tour will take you to those magical places in Matanzas province, just 120 km from Havana.

Visited destinations

Varadero Beach, Matanzas City, Yumurí Valley, Playa Larga, Bay of Pigs, Playa Girón


8 nights


Guides speak following languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • English

Please specify the languge of your preference.


Day 1: Arrival to Havana

We have reserved this day to give you a warm welcome to Havana.

A transfer will be coordinated to take you from the airport to your accommodation.

Around 8:00 pm, a taxi will pick you up for taking you to Hotel Nacional de Cuba, where a Mojito will be waiting for you on the outdoor terrace. Although there are many restaurants around Hotel Nacional, we have booked for you tickets for Cabaret Parisien, where you can have a great dinner together with one of Havana’s best nights out.

A taxi will be at your disposal for returning to your hotel or casa particular.

Included on day 1:

  • Mojito at Hotel Nacional.
  • Cabaret Parisien dinner and show.
  • Transfer from Airport to your accommodation.
  • Taxi to and from Hotel Nacional.

Día 2 y 3: Guamá, Bay of Pigs, Playa Larga, Playa Girón 

Departing from your hotel or casa particular in Havana and taking the higway about 200 km, we will arrive to the Guamá, a very special touristic center. It is the reproduction of Taíno village on the water. Beautiful indigenous style cabins are built on pivots on the water. Hanging bridges link the residences to the central point where there are a quay of yatchs and boats, a restaurant and much more.

After exploring the special Guamá, you will be taken to our hotel in Playa Larga. Besides its historical character, Playa Larga is a beach with beautiful and peculiar tones, especially in the afternoons, a spectacle you should not miss.

The next day you will be visiting Playa Girón, a place full of history. There the invasion organized by CIA in April 1961 took place. There are still remains if infernal combat, which happened more than 55 years ago. But now there is also a village, a school, a museum, a restaurant, and the Playa Giron hotel.

Included on day 2 y 3:

  • Boat tour.
  • Transfer to your hotel in Playa Larga.
  • Stay in Playa Larga hotel.
  • Entrance to Playa Girón museum.
  • Transportation between all attractions.

Day 4: Matanzas, the city of bridges

Matanzas, the city of bridges is a land of intellectuals and artists of universal statue. It is the capital of the province with the same name. Many cultural highlights will be exposed during this day: The Ermita de Monsarrate; the Sala White, where for first time people danced our National Dance: Danzón; the Rumba, Intangible Heritage of the Nation with Los Muñequitos de Matanzas as main exponents; and a group of cultural-comunitary projects.

After a nice city tour, your will be taken to Varadero, the main sun-and-beach destination in Cuba, located on the Península Hicacos 30 km away of Matanzas city. Its fine sands and transparent waters annually welcome millions of visitors who enjoy the approximately 22 km beach.

Included on day 4:

  • Matanzas City tour
  • All transfers and transportation
  • A tourist guide in your language
  • Meals in Matanzas city restaurants
  • Your hotel at Varadero beach

Day 5: Catamarán excursion to Cayo Blanco

One of Varadero’s most popular day trips is this leisurely cruise to a deserted isle (Cayo Blanco) where the sand and sea are yours to explore. A luscious seafood lunch is provided, live music included.

Included on day 5:

  • Catamarán excursion
  • All transfers and transportation
  • All meals
  • Your all-inclusive hotel at Varadero beach (the same as previous day)

Day 6: More from Matanzas province: El Valle de Yumurí

This day has been reserved for an adventure tour over hill and dale, through rural villages and the wonderfully verdant Yumurí Valley. You will be picked up at your hotel in a Jeep, then you will cover an adventurous route of more than 150km over embankments and dirt roads, passing through quarries, palm groves and rural villages. A snorkeling stop is made at Playa Coral (equipment included), followed by swimming in the Saturn Cave.

After having a lunch at local restaurant, the journey continues towards the Valle de Yumurí, exploring hidden back roads in a Jeep makes a fantastic family or group excursion. These 9666-hectare nature reserve, abounding in endemic flora and fauna are without doubts an enchanting landscape.

Included on day 6:

  • Yumurí Valley excursion
  • All transfers and transportation
  • All meals
  • Your all-inclusive hotel at Varadero beach (the same as previous day)

Day 7 y 8: Complete days at Varadero beach

Two complete days at Varadero beach will be perfect for those vacationers who enjoy nature, like water sports and other forms of healthy recreation, appreciate good music and delight in sampling a variety of foods.

A plethora of recreational options are available: diving, snorkeling, baths with dolphins, submarine rides and horde rides to archeological sites, among others. Here you can visit: El Aljibe restaurant, Josone Park, Dolphinarium, Plaza America Convention Center, Xanadu Mansion, professional golf course, Cabaret Internacional, Underwater Park, Cayo Piedras del Norte, and Tropicana Matanzas.

You can also decide to simply chillout at the great beach of Varadero.

Included in day 7 y 8:

Your all-inclusive hotel at Varadero beach (the same as previous day)


With you will be able to remove or add any particular place to this suggested itinerary. Please contact us and let us know how you want to personalize this trip.


If you have more than 8 nights for your travel to Cuba, maybe is a good idea to combine this tour with other. Doing this you will have a bigger picture of Cuba and not only about Matanzas Province. “Matanzas, much more than Varadero Beach” combines perfectly with:

  • Havana’s Must Sees (4 nights): An inmersion in Cuba’s capital with an overview of its main attractions and iconic places.
  • The Land of the World’s Best Tobacco (5 nights): A tour through places related to the cigars tradition (including Viñales  Valley), as well as the natural beauties of Pinar del Río province.