REX – Car Rental Company in Cuba

REX is a car rental company in Cuba with international service standards.

REX Car Rental Conditions

Category Refundable Credit Card Guarantee Deposit Additional Driver
B- Medium cars 200.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
C/c- Standard cars 200.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
D- Standard High 250.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
E- Premium 250.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
F/f- Luxury 450.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
G/g- Jeep 250.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
H- Minivan 250.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
I- Sport 450.00 CUC 10.00 CUC

An extra charge of 20.00 CUC is applied by REX if the vehicle is collected from an Airport.

These charges are payable directly to the REX upon car collection. Therefore, we strongly suggest you to arrive at the car rental office with enough cash (Cuban Convertible Pesos) to cover all extras and the guarantee deposit. Credit cards payment sometimes cannot be processed due technical problems.