Viñales, Cuba

Viñales, Cuba

Famous for the beauty of its landscape, Viñales Valley is a destination of outstanding interest for those who find in contact with nature a good reason to travel.

Why include Viñales in your itinerary? Belonging to the province of Pinar del Río Viñales Valley has many attractions, here we leave you with 5 good reasons for you to decide to visit it:

  1. Its almost exclusive mogotes of rounded tops that the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca compared to a group of sleeping elephants.
  2. It has the Santo Tomás Caves, the largest cave system in America and an underground river that can be traveled by boat.
  3. The Mural of Prehistory is one of the largest open-air frescoes on the planet with 120 meters in height.
  4. Being in the province of Pinar del Río Viñales can be part of itineraries that include other places of great beauty within this same province: Cayo Jutías, Cayo Levisa, Las Terrazas, María la Gorda, Rancho La Guabina, Mil Cumbres, among others.
  5. Pinar del Río is the land of the best tobacco in the world and a visit to Viñales allows you to visit the tobacco plantations and witness this tradition become an excellence.

Where to stay

There are few hotels in Viñales but MANY private houses. In fact, the most common accommodation in this area of ​​Cuba are private homes. We invite you to check out our page for accommodation in Viñales to find the best options in this area. We also list our favorite places here:

Hotel La Ermita

Hotel La Ermita

KM 1 ½ Carretera a La Ermita, Viñales, Cuba
Located in Pinar del Río, Cuba’s most western province, Hotel La Ermita is famous for its views of V More info
Hotel Los Jazmines

Hotel Los Jazmines

KM 23 Carretera a Viñales, Viñales, Cuba
A couple of kilometers before the village of Viñales stands Hotel Los Jazmines in all its glory. A t More info

Tours and Excursions

Numerous are the tours that leave from Havana and include a visit to the Valley of Viñales. Then we make a selection of those that we believe are the most peculiar and interesting.

Excursion to Cayo Levisa

Excursion to Cayo Levisa

Viñales, Cuba
Departure from your hotel in Viñales to the dock at Palma Rubia. Then from here a boat will take you More info
Pinar del Río City Tour

Pinar del Río City Tour

Viñales, Cuba
Departure for the city of Pinar del Río to visit a cigar factory and the Guayabita del Pinar Distill More info

Unfortunately there are no car rental offers at this location at the moment.

Places of Interest

  • Mural of Prehistory.
  • Santo Tomás Caves.
  • The Cave of the Indian.
  • Viewpoint of the Hotel Los Jazmines.
  • Palenque of the Cimarrones.
  • Tobacco plantations.
  • Horseback riding through the valley.

How to get there

The access to Viñales is by land. Connected from Havana by the Viazul buses and also with shared and private transfers. Renting a car is always an option to get here.