María la Gorda, Cuba

María la Gorda, Cuba

Why visit María la Gorda? If you are a diving lover, you will find María la Gorda the ideal place. Here are 5 reasons to include María la Gorda in your travel plans:

  1. María la Gorda is one of the beaches with the best seabed in all of Cuba.
  2. Here is located one of the most recognized international diving centers in the country, with 27 dive sites.
  3. The seabed of this area has the clearest and most colorful contrasts for the practice of underwater photography, and the transparency of the water admits a visibility of 30m long and 30m deep.
  4. María la Gorda offers Marina services: Customs, Captaincy and Port, Immigration, sale of various products, fuel, drinking water, and laundry services.
  5. It is close to another place of great beauty: Cabo San Antonio, where you can walk ecological trails, has a variety of endemic flora and fauna, caves, cracks, lagoons, casimbas and cenotes.

Where to stay

In María la Gorda there is the María la Gorda hotel. Also relatively close, is Villa Cabo San Antonio.

Hotel María la Gorda

Hotel María la Gorda

Guanacahabibes Biosphere Reserve, María la Gorda, Cuba
Located on Cuba’s western tip, María la Gorda is a paragon of environmental protection, evidenced by More info

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Places of Interest

  • Roncalli Lighthouse
  • 27 diving sites

How to get there

Renting a car is the best variant to get to María la Gorda. It is also possible to do it through shared and private transfers from Havana and Pinar del Río.