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Haven’t heard from us? is a newly created website. With only some months of having launched ourselves into the market, we are proud to have helped houndreads of travelers from all over the world.

We are here to help you prepare your trip in the most pleasant way possible. Imagine that you were taking a delicious Mojito at the beach… planning your trip to Cuba should be mote or less the same: refreshing, energizing, motivating, and very pleasant experience.

We put at your disposal all the knowledge we have about the destination, together with the products that we guarantee through our association with our partners in the travel industry in Cuba.

We will process all your requests through these partners, but at all times we will be aware of their status. Write us or call us if you need to clarify any questions regarding our way of operating. Also for any questions about the status of your reservations or for more information about Cuba. You are our client, our reason for being and therefore our priority.

Thank you for trust in!